Hawaii Island

Hawaii, also known as the 'Big Island' is nearly twice the size of all the other major islands combined and features diverse geography and climate. Hawaii's Big Island is famous for its active volcano, Kilauea which adds to the land mass every day as the lava flows into ocean. The spectacle of Kilauea attracts visitors from all over the world. Visit the Volcano National Park, take a helicopter flight or see it glow at night.

Hiking lovers will enjoy the challenge of The Crater Rim Trail, a walk along the rim of the volcano a must for hiking enthusiasts. This is an all day hike of 18 kilometres that begins at the Kilauea Visitor Centre.

Hawaii is so diverse it has 11 climate zones which produce scenic beauty including rainforests, snow-capped mountains, tropical waterfalls and stunning beaches. Hawaii's Big Island is also home to 18 golf courses with most facing the Pacific coastline and many carved out of ancient lava flows.

The Kona side of the island is the west coast, and is dry and sunny most of the year. The Kona Coast features contrasting landscapes of raw, black lava rock as well as tropical trees and flowering exotic plants. This side of the Big Island is filled with beaches and many cultural attractions including Kealakeku Bay were Captain Cook was killed. The Kona Coast is also home to Kona coffees and is a vibrant resort and shopping district. Why not tour a Kona Coffee plantation? There are more than 100 coffee farms located in Kona and many offer free tours and samples.

The Big Island is perfect for those that favour vast open spaces and features an unusual rugged lava rock. Hawaii, particularly the Kona Coast, offers clear waters that are perfect for snorkelling and diving. The East Coast of the Big Island is wetter than the Kona side and this side of the island is lush and green with many tropical valleys and waterfalls.

Hawaii's Big Island offers lots of activities including helicopter tours, kayaking, snorkelling, big game fishing, whale watching, sailing, horseback riding and hiking. Hawaii's largest island offers beautiful scenery and has something for everyone that visits.

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Hawaii Island Hotels List

Hawaiian Surfer Royal Kona Resort Hawaii Island, Tikis at place of refuge national park Pu`u O`o crater (Kilauea) on Hawaii Big Island