Hawaii Map

Hawaii is an archipelago of hundreds of islands formed from volcanic activity. The islands are spread over two and a half thousand kilometres with the 8 major islands located in the South East (as shown on this Hawaii map). By far the biggest island is Hawaii Island but to avoid confusion with the state's name it is called 'Big Island'. Only the southern part of the Big Island still has active volcanoes. This island was formed from 5 separate shield volcanoes.

Hawaii Island has an elevation of 4205 metres and a population over 150,000. The highest point is called Mauna Kea ("White Mountain" in the Hawaiian Language) and is often covered by snow in winter. Maui is the second biggest island with the highest point at 3055 metres and a population of 117,644. Oahu is number 3 in size and it is on this island where the capital - Honolulu - is located. Oahu has the biggest population with 876,151 residents. As you can see on the map, Kauai Island rounds out the top 4 largest islands in size.

On this Hawaii map we have also shown the major airports on the 4 main islands.